Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Or at Least Have a Say in Your Own Fate?

BP_20-CoupleFighting_Blackboard_CaptionSeriously, it makes the most sense to actually work toward resolution rather than pay lip service to it while quietly working on your Ex’s last nerve. Earnest efforts toward resolution will get you through the process faster and cost you less in attorney’s fees. Your attorney will ensure that:

1. You are protected

2. The resolution is fair to both you and your soon-to-be-Ex, and

3. You won’t have to leave your fate to someone else to decide, i.e., a judge!

No matter how crazy your Ex is, working with them is better than making them angry and waiting to see what accusations will come out of their mouth in front of a judge. Everyone has a nugget that they’ve been holding onto, and having to deal with it on the fly in a courtroom is never easy. Think about it…What tidbit do you NOT want in the Court record, that your Ex would just LOVE to hold over your head until ALL the kids turn 18? Avoid all that by actually working with your attorney, not against your Ex.

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