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The Quickest Way to a Costly Divorce Settlement

Of all the things you can do to shoot yourself in the foot during a divorce, this one tops the list. Talking to your Ex about legal issues or personal things that they don’t need to know about. It will cost you money, frustrate your attorney, and set you up for disappointment. And who wants that? It happens more than [...]

When Niceness Fails

Few things will test a person’s character like a divorce. If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I typically advise my client’s to keep things calm, be reasonable, and try to work peaceably toward a sensible resolution. I have seen cases, however, when the opposing party seems determined to walk away with everything, or to inflict as much [...]

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Three Rules to Live By When Going Through a Divorce

1. Don’t Fail to Keep Your Attorney Advised of Your Whereabouts. The only thing more exasperating to an attorney and more damaging to your case than lying to your attorney, is falling off the face of the earth. You’ll look bad to the court when your attorney has to tell the judge that they don’t know where you are, and [...]

Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Or at Least Have a Say in Your Own Fate? Seriously, it makes the most sense to actually work toward resolution rather than pay lip service to it while quietly working on your Ex’s last nerve. Earnest efforts toward resolution will get you through the process faster and cost you less in attorney’s fees. Your attorney will ensure that: 1. [...]

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Three Things You Don’t Want to Do During a Divorce:

1. Don’t Argue Religion. You are not going to convert anybody during your divorce case, but you can turn your soon-to-be Ex against you and set yourself up to look like a hypocrite. I’ve seen it happen. 2. Don’t Make Proposals You Are Not Fully Prepared to Live With. It’s a good way to either destroy your credibility or end [...]

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Three Things You Should Never Do During a Divorce:

1. Don’t Bring Your New Girl/Boy Friend Around the Kids Until The Divorce is Final. Doing so will only irritate your soon-to-be Ex, who already doesn’t like the new girl/boyfriend in the first place. You will end up having to defend your new girl/boyfriend against the accusations of your soon-to-be Ex, and possibly end up [...]

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