Three Things You Should Never Do at Trial

CWDblogpostNo9 _a1. Don’t Bring Your New Boyfriend / Girlfriend to Court.

• You are required to go through the process of divorce in a way that does not cause your soon-to-be Ex any more pain than necessary, and bringing your new significant other to court is seen by the judge as a deliberate attempt on your part to inflict emotional pain.

• Your new significant other could be called as a witness in your divorce case, and giving your Ex’s attorney a chance to question them under oath probably won’t end well for you.


CWDblogpostNo9 _b2. Don’t Talk While Others Are Talking. Every word said in court is captured by a court reporter, and the reporter can only do this if one person speaks at a time. A court hearing is a time to be very professional and respectful. Talking over someone else will only make the judge irritated with you, and do you really want to annoy the person deciding the outcome of your case?



CWDblogpostNo9d3. Don’t Bring Your Minor Children to Court. It is against the law to bring minors to court or even to the courthouse. If you do, it will show that you don’t know how to make intelligent decisions, making it easier for opposing council to convince the court that the kids are better off in the custody of your Ex.

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